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Coming Soon!!! Grandmom Grode's Gourmet Goodies in Braille, from National Braille Press. Click here!

Recipes by Elizabeth Grode - Presented by R. David New 


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This book is a culmination of a life's work. My grandmother was a Russian immigrant who came to America at the turn of the century. She found comfort in baking for family and friends. Over the years, she honed her skills and is truly appreciated and adored by all who know her for her giving qualities.  I decided to create this book in order to document her life's work, so that it would not be lost forever. I first started filming her conjuring up yummy morsels in the kitchen as a record for the family. I thought, however, that a book would be more informative and a greater testament to her. When I lost my eyesight two years ago at the age of 30, it suddenly became apparent to me that I had a responsibility to see this to fruition. I also recognized a need in the blind community to have more comprehensive ethnic cookbooks that were easily accessible. By putting the recipes on CD, I am hoping to create an efficacious modality for blind people to be exposed to these wonderful treasures.  For sighted or blind people, the contents of this book are delectable treats for everyone.


R. David New

(Author, Publisher and Grandson of Elizabeth Grode)

Elizabeth Grode with Grandson R. David New   

Some of the recipes include:

“Cakes and Pastries”

Carrot Cake

Chocolate Chip Cake

Chocolate Mint Squares


Ice Cream Dough Strudel

Lemon Cookies

Mondel Brot

Munn Cookies

Poppy Seed Cookies


Strawberry Short Cake

“Miscellaneous Recipes”

Chicken Soup

Chopped Herring

Flanken Soup


Matzah Balls

Passover Bagels

Potato Latkes

Rice Kugel

Rolled Cabbage

Sour Pickles


Only $19.95 + Shipping & Handling

Call:  305-534-8456 to place your order

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